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     Thank you for participating in our customer Survey and Wish List to help us improve Internet Billing. In order to begin the survey, please have available the username and password that we emailed to you. If you have lost your username and/or password, we can email that information to you again. The first time you log in, you are required to fill out a four step survey about your experience with Internet Billing. If you return later, you will automatically skip the Survey and start with the Wish List, however you will always have the option of returning to the survey to update your answers if you so desire.

     If you feel that the answer to any question is confidential, simply skip the question. During the survey, you will be asked to provide answers to a broad range of questions including company demographics, services offered, and more specific questions that may require more in-depth knowledge of your credit card processing methodology and technical data such as the version of Internet Billing that you are running and the computer platform upon which it is running.. For this reason, we strongly suggest that you fill out this survey on a day when you have access to the the person(s) within your company who can best answer questions of this nature. This will ensure the accuracy of your answers and will help us tailor our product to better fit your needs. If you ever want to change your answers in this survey, you can always come back, log in again, and change any prior answer.

     After you complete the survey, you will be forwarded to the Wish List where you will be given the opportunity to rank several new features that we are considering implementing in Internet Billing in the near future. You will also be able to suggest new features and enhancements to the current product.

     If you are a primary customer contact then you will also have the opportunity to list email addresses of employees who you think should provide suggestions and input for new features and feature enhancements. These employees will then be invited (via email) to suggest and rank features (they will not, however, have access to the survey or the answers you provided).

     Again, thank you for your participation. Please click the below button to enter the Survey and Wish List.

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